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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5PM  CBS  January 3, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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all pipeline system records only once those are considered verifiable and complete pge must set pipeline pressures on the weekest session in cases where records cannot be verified they should do an e lek tree static test where high pressure water is put through the lines. >> pipelines should not be land mines. >> congress woman speier whose district includes san bruno says the ntsb makes it clear there are significant questions about the safety of pg&e lines. >> pg&e in my books has lost a great deal of credibility. the most jarring element of this newest disclosure, is that, the documents that pg&e provided ntsb, the actual drawings, as certificate that the pipeline -- as certificate that the pipeline was seamless we all know now it is a seamed pipe. >> ntsb is calling on
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california public utilities commission to over see pg&e's efforts reviewing documents, testing lines. >> the question really becomes in this whole region, how much of the pipeline system that pg&e operates, is indeed seen and how much of that pipeline system has never ever been inspected. >> the safe and reliable operation of our natural gas system is of the utmost importance to us we take all of this very seriously. >> pg&e says only today it received these recommendations from ntsb it is in the process of reviewing them to decide how to proceed ntsb announcing it will hold a full hearing on this pipeline explosion if washington in early march. >> i just want to clarify these are as you say recommendations this is not a mandate. >> right ntsb does not make mandates what they do is issue recommendations to the regulators that do have
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authority but the congress woman pointed out today, in almost all cases ntsb recommendations are followed because to not follow them opens up huge liability problems, even though they are officially recommendations, they are more than that. >> all right mark thank you. for the first time in 7 years democrat is running california, governor brown took the oath of office, 28 years after he finished his first go around in that office this time the state of california is facing financial disaster, phil matier on what the new governor has planned for 2011 and beyond in sacramento. phil. >> reporter: the first thing the governor plans to do is say hello to his supporters at the railroad museum they are hosting a reception a lively affair different tone than scaled down and somber moments of inaugurals but even then, he had his lighter moments. here is the story. >> that i take this obligation
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freely. >> that i take this obligation freely. >> without any mental resser vision. >> without any mental reservation. >> really no mental reservation. [ laughter ] >> that was gerry brown having a light moment as he took his third oath of office as the governor of state of california returning after 28 years to lead a state that many people now think is ungovernable. >> this crisis we have to learn to work together as californians first, members of a political party second. >> introduced by his wife ann and former governor's schwarzenegger and grey davis in attendance and diane feinstein and nancy pelosi, brown wasted little time getting to the point. >> it will demand courage and sacrifice the budget i propose will assume each of us elected to do the people's business will rise above ideology and partisan interest and find what
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is required for the good of california. >> as if to emphasize the laner times, and the states $25 billion budget deficit the inaugural was followed by a simple hot dog feed on the capital lawn. >> all good and done too. >> the real test will come later this month when he is expected to unvail his no nonsense budget in addition to cutting his own staff by 25% will also likely include deep cuts into education, health care, prison and other vital services plus going to the voters this june and asking them to extend the increase in the sales tax, vehicle license fee and the higher income taxes that were set to expire plus eliminate new corporate tax benefits but it is going to be a hard sell. >> to me an increase in taxes is the last thing voters want. >> at 72, brown appears more determined than ever. >> as our song says california, here i come right back where i started from.
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thank you. thank you. >> reporter: you know alan there is an old saying in politics everyone is your best friend until you have to cast your first vote or make your first tough decision this afternoon looks like governor brown is enjoying his friends back to you. >> even if there was austerity off the bat, the hot dog feed. >> reporter: that's it from hot dogs to this we will see what comes tomorrow. >> phil matier in sacramento thanks so much. former san francisco district attorney kamela harris was sworn in today >> discharge the duties. >> discharge the duties. >> upon which i am about to enter. >> upon which i am about the enter. >> harris is the first woman and first person of color to be elected to the statues top law enforcement job he took the oath of office in a private ceremony for museum of history women and the arts. >> jean kwan became the first woman and first asian american to hold that office.
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linda gee is in oakland where kwan says she is ready to tackle the city's biggest problem. >> reporter: right now i am in the oakland mayors office a rare look inside the center of power here at oakland city hall just a few minutes members of the public will be allowed in here and come here and sit behind the desk and take pictures the mayor told me in an interview just a few days ago she feels it is very important the people of oakland know this is their office too. >> do you solemnly swear. >> reporter: mayor kwan said it was a long road to this office but she is ready to lead and asking oakland to help with changes to make it a better safer city. >> asking you to organize your block and i don't care whether it is to do a clean up or do a crime watch group or take care of each other for emergencies and form a core group. i am asking you to volunteer for oakland. >> reporter: in this crowded theatre children sang of hope.
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♪ give us hope >> reporter: oakland has been plagued with violence although crime numbers have fallen she says the city's future will depend on its children she is counting on thousands of volunteers to help mentor and guide them and there is enthusiasm for this. >> i like the way she you know, she have a hope for the children, and hope for the city. >> i am excited to know she will reach out to all aspects of the community including the very diverse growing immigrant population we have in our city. >> we are going to work with her in terms of volunteering and getting opportunities for youngsters to get jobs so that they can make a significant contribution to our community i am excited and happy about this. yes. >> mayor kwan says she will start her first full day tomorrow morning at 6:00 a.m. where she plans to go to the oakland police department headquarters and talk to the officers during from that first line up. reporting live oakland mayors
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office. linda owe cbs 5. a shooting in a neighbourhood you least expect the young woman arrested whom police are still looking for. there is a big chance you are going to be offended. >> raunchy video that has one of the navy's top commanders in troubled waters. >> a broadway play, plagued by problems. hear what went through a stunt man's mind as he fell 30 feet during the spiderman performance how his quick thinking saved him from more serious injury. ,, people! look at you! texting...blogging... all this technology, but you're still banking like pilgrims! it's time for new school banking, bubbie. interest plus savings at why earn bupkis, when your savings can earn three times the national average!!
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two men in the hospital. >> tonight a novato woman is in police custody accused in an early morning shooting that put two men in the hospital. just after midnight officers were called to safeway parking lot they found two men shot, then a short time later police arrested 22-year-old coyle but other people may also be involved and invest gators say they know why. >> witness interviews and evidence collection has revealed this incident was a gang related incident. >> police won't say whether coyle was the actual shooter they have not identified the other suspects but both victims are in serious condition tonight. anti gay remarks, simulated sex acts featured in a series of lewd navy videos shown during deployment to the middle east. jill brown on accusations that earlier complaints may have been ignored. >> there is a really good chance you are going to be
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offended. >> reporter: a series of videos that feature gay slurs and simulated sex acts has the commander of the uss enterprise in hot water. >> we've got some different chicks in the shower, in a clip previously two sensitive to show. >> reporter: captain owen honors starred in these in 2006 and 2007 when he was second in command with special editing techniques, honors, a former top gun pilot is seen on air as three different characterses, these were released by virginian pilot news pay which are concealed identity of some members. it was shown on the ship's closed circuit system. >> as usual the admiral and captain have no idea of the contents of the video. >> but military brass here know about it now and have launched an investigation the navy says
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the videos are clearly inappropriate and not acceptable. in a statement a spokesman says those in command are charged to lead by example and held accountable for setting the proper tone. the virginian pilot said crew members complained more than three years ago. >> enjoy the movie. >> honors was named commanding officer of enterprise in may they are scheduled to depart for the middle east again in a matter of weeks. a stunt actor who fell 30 feet playing spider man on broadway is scheduled to leave physical rehabilitation this week. christopher had back surgery after last month's fall at the foxwood theatre his safety harness snapped he suffered a skull fracture, broken ribs and a cracked vert bray he said he only had a split second to protect his head. >> i was falling and then i saw
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once i hate the darkness of the stage, i had to just turn it real quick so i wasn't going to fall on my head the the last thing i remember was going oh, god. >> the show cancelled performances after the actors fall and one of the main actresses recently quit that show however, it is scheduled to officially reopen next month with new safety and security measures. just the thought alone triggers images of apock lips. tests under way to figure out -- apocalypse. the tests under way to figure out what caused thousands of birds to fall to earth. epic wet weather pattern coming to an abrupt ending the number of days we will be dry your pinpoint forecast as eyewitness news continues here on cbs 5 ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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would expect friday night, in arkansas, nearly 5,000 red winged black birds fell from the sky dead. the ones still alive are acting strangely the dead ones sent to labs for testing so far no evidence of poisoning or disease. state experts speculate they may have died from stress due to fireworks or lightning test results may be later this week. they were stuck for almost 24 hours, drivers stranded on i- 5 north of la what because of snow and ice. interstate was reopened just before noon today. sandra hughes shows us just how bad the backlog was. >> reporter: plows cleared the leavej know that shut down a 30- mile stretch on the main highway between southern and central california. traffic is now moving on the i- 5, but it was a long night for hundreds of motorists stranded as they return from the holiday weekend. >> just having the heater running on and is off. the truck, at times, just having fun. >> even though this line of
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cars goes on and on officials says the safer to close the road, than for these drivers to be stranded in the middle of nowhere. >> you can get mad but it is not going to make anything change. so, just rock and roll with it. >> the snow is not a problem as much as the ice. >> and drivers trying to get to l.a. from las vegas are having trouble interstate 15 is now open but 30-mile back ups and cars are crawling. some drivers say it has taken hours to go just a few miles. all the snow comes on the heels of days of record rain in the l.a. area, last month was one of the wettest decembers on record. the weather is expecting to improve later in the week. sandra hughes, cbs news, california. >> >> boy, seeing that, glad we saw some sunshine today roberta. >> that was the same storm system that brought us our new years day and sunday rain here in the bay area. now bursting across the high
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dessert, dropping know down to 2800 feet, victorville area, leaving us with skies now clearing out and as a direct result of lack of cloud cover, temperatures taking a huge nose dive, 41 to 45 across nothing further bay, berkeley to the east at 44, and san francisco 44 and 45 degrees. out and about this owning official sun down at 5:03 p.m. by the time it comes back up tomorrow morning, 7:25 a.m., these temperatures will nose dive into the 30s. keeping you on track, take a look at these totals, san francisco, 153% of where we should be. very good numbers stacking up to the north and east, san jose, 93% of average but sack jose state, over 100%. micro climates here. big set up high pressure building in, blocking the storms to the north of us, we are entering a mid-winter dry
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spell. not that unusual, to occur this time of the year, in fact duration should be any where from 10 to 19 days as far as average winter dry spell is concerned. back in 1962, 42 straight days of lack of rainfall, certainly not good news, shortest spell in the 90s as well as back into the 50s. now we already had one dry day tonight, clear skies dipping down union city fremont san jose awfully chilly need of a heater along the peninsula into the mid-30s. freezing throughout the tri valley rebounding to 55 degrees once that valley fog does clear we will have some hazy conditions east of the bay in our inland areas, temperatures in the 50s. here extended forecast, count the number of dry days, certainly at least 7 in a row, all the way through next monday, we want to put a little bit of a question mark and
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tail end of monday low pressure wanting to move this way. dennis we thank you this is a glorious picture, and keep those beautiful pictures coming to my pix at cbs the stock market got the new year off to a very strong start the dow was up 93 points, standard and fours gained 14 points investors call it the january barometer gain in the s&p over the first five days of january has lead to annual gains nearly 90% of the time. >> one of the most popular new years resolutions is one of the hardest to keep saving more money. we've got a few tips for making it as painless as possible. did you ring in 2011 with a new years resolution? of those who did, 75% say they will resolve to improve their finances. the most popular money goals,
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saving more, spending less. >> i make them i break it >> i don't make new years resolutions, i break them. >> if you want to have better luck keeping your financial resolution try following a few smart steps, start with a short term savings goal like setting aside $1,000 for vacation. >> the trick of saving when you save you will get something better in the future and it is that mechanism needs to be ingrained in your brain and gradually reinforced with longer and longer term goals. >> once ready to tackle longer term goals like saving for retirement, find painless ways to save for them. sacrifices like giving up your morning latte might hurt but if money is automatically directed into saving, it will feel less of a loss. >> next time you have a raise, put half of that into your retirement account you will never even know that you have done it because the pay check will still go up. >> make it difficult to spend
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the money you are saving lock it into an account not tied to an atm card or use cash instead of credit making spur of the moment purchases like a flat screen tv almost impossible. follow these rules and you will be well on your way to a financially happy new year. >> there you go. being called liquid biopsy the test that can spot cancer earlier ,,,, [ female announcer ] why watch regular tv when you can experience the next generation of television service? at&t u-verse tv.
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cancer s new experimental blood test has the potential to radically change how we treat cancer patients now technology points to take a giant step forward. very cool alan. this lets dock fors look at cancer cells, -- doctors look at cancer cells circulating on the blood. one test on the market simply counts cells but this new test would relate doctors capture the cell and analyze it changing how we detect and treat the disease. >> reporter: it is being called liquid biopsy. the experimental blood test is not only less painful than a traditional biopsy it may be a simpler faster way to determine if a cancer patients treatment is working. >> we would like to inter gait the cells in the blood and look within hours or days of receiving a treatment is it having an effect. >> scientists at massachusetts general hospital invented the blood test able to detect a
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single cancer cell among a billion healthy ones. >> some that make these cells different and they have certain proteins or markers on their surface. >> the test uses a microchip covered in thousands of tiny posts, the healthy cells bounce off the posts but cancer cells stick. singling them out so researchers can study them. doctors hope one day it may offer a much simpler will way to screen for cancer than mammograms or colonoscopy. >> find early cancers before they spread the distant sites. >> scientists have teamed up with johnson and johnson to perfect the test doctors think it will take 3 to 5 years before it is widely available. >> scientists at ucsf are working on a diagnostic test to detect cancer cells in the blood using an experimental version in a setting with prostate cancer patients they are able to isolate and analyze
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circulating tumour cells and may be able the tell them why some treatments work in a given patient or some don't. pretty neat. >> a lot of stuff on the horizon. >> closer to the horizon. >> tonight at 6, we are taking a look at why it is so important not to give up and you know get the baby out too soon. wait, no birth before 39 weeks unless there is a good reason. a new push for that. >> wait until ready. >> wait until ready. worth the wait. >> thanks we will be right back here's what we re working on for eyewitness news at 6. the next, you start one feeling a bit the moment you feel run down or achy, nip flu-like symptoms in the bud, with oscillococcinum. get oscillo and feel like yourself again.
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oscillococcinum, nip it in the bud.
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for eyewitness news at 6. "this is a politician doing a favor for another politician." it was one >> here is what we are working on for eyewitness news at 6:00 p.m. >> this is a politician doing favours to another politician. >> it was one of arnold schwarzeneggers last actions as governor and has


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